Yannick Cailliez

Future Submarine Program (FSP) Special Advisor, French Embassy - DGA - Direction Generale de l'Armement


General (BG) Yannick Cailliez was born in 1969. He entered ENSTA (Graduate school of engineering) in 1989. 

After graduation, he was appointed to the Gramat study centre (CEG) (part of the DGA research and technical directorate), from November 1993 until May 1999. He started as test engineer in the field of high power microwave (HPM), in charge of studies related to HPM sources. In 1998, he became head of all CEG’s HPM activities (sources and vulnerability studies) and also head of the department studying Electromagnetic Radiation effects on weapon system. 

In May 1999, he joined the ballistic missile M51 program team within the nuclear programs service (SPNuc), as engineer responsible for the ballistic penetration and for the study for penetration aid design. In September 2000, he was also appointed supervisor for the M51 load and in charge of the interface between the missile and the nuclear warheads. 
In November 2002, he was appointed program director of the nuclear missile ASMPA (Air Sol Moyenne Portée Améliorée), which is part of the French nuclear aeronautic component. He was responsible for all the set up phase of the program. 

In January 2007, he was appointed financial deputy director of the management unit in charge of tactical missiles and unmanned aircraft system (UAS). He participated in the building of the military programme planning law 2009-2014. 

He became head of UAS department and also MALE program director in October 2008. As such, he was responsible for the in service systems and participated in the future systems studies. 

He was deputy Chief of Plans-Programs at the Air Force Staff from February 2013 to August 2014, where he worked on all Air Force military programs and financial planning.  

In September 2014, he became Chief of Staff at the Private office of the Head of DGA. 

He was appointed Future Submarine Program (FSP) Special Advisor of DGA’s International Development Director in Paris on May 1st, 2017 and then FSP Special Advisor of the French Ambassador in Canberra on September 1st, 2018.