Infrastructure & Industrial Projects

Retail & Hospitality

Health, Education, Jobs & Diversity

Culture & Entertainment


Infrastructure & Industrial Projects

  • From city to social economic hub: how infrastructure delivers future growth

  • Unlocking the value of smart utilities management in the 21st century

  • How the Australian Space Industry could put global cities in orbit?

  • Faire des affaires en Australie, c’est possible avec la Team France [FR]

  • Reinventing commuting in the post COVID era

  • The Opportunities of the Western Sydney Aerotropolis

  • Power to the Satellite cities: joining the dots with a robust Energy Grid

  • Hub Precinct strategy: How to repurpose public spaces and services?

  • How the submarine contract transformed our cities in Australia?

  • Circular economy: The next revolution for sustainable cities and communities

  • How can transport be sustainable?

  • Our cities and the great decarbonisation challenge

  • Why tomorrow's smart city must be green and inspired by nature


Retail & Hospitality

  • Retail: the true lifeblood of vibrant cities

  • The retail road to recovery: when omnichannel and supply chains converge

  • Destination Marketing: Re-enchanting the city travel experience

  • Future of restaurants in a post COVID society

  • Future of adversiting in our cities


Health, Education, Jobs & diversity

  • Designing more inclusive and diverse cities for a modern citizenship

  • Workplace and remote work: what future for our CBDs?


Culture & Entertainment

  • Art and Culture, the unspoken success factors for livable cities

  • Are cities ready for international events?


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