Russell Forster

Business Development Director, Bouygues



Russel has been working in the Bouygues Group since 1998, with VSL specialising in Bridge Construction.  Starting in Asia with VSL, he lived and worked in several countries working on Bridge Construction Projects, prior to moving to Switzerland for the first time in 2006. 


 There, he moved to a Business Development Role, providing bridge construction solutions for the Europe and Middle Eastern Regions.  In 2008 he moved back into an operations role with VSL in the Middle East, and saw the end of the boom and the first bust of the UAE. 


In 2009, Russel moved to Australia, initially in an operational role and then taking over the Managing Directors role until 2015.  In 2016 he returned to Switzerland, again in a Business Development role for the Civil Works division of VSL, and covering a territory simply put as “Rest of the World”, or everything except Asia.  This effectively meant from Pakistan to Hawaii, going the long way around… 


In July 2020 Russel returned to Australia once more taking on the current role with Bouygues.