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Mathieu J.Weiss

Managing Director, CNES Regional Liaison Office



A former officer in French Navy, Mathieu J. Weiss holds Master Degrees in Politics and Defence Business Administration from Strasbourg and Paris Universities.  Weiss entered the Strategic Research Centre of Ecole Polytechnique where he published several reports on European space policies before joining the Astronaut Directorate of French National Space Agency CNES in 1996. 


After a 5 years industrial experience within the Euro-Russian Soyuz launch vehicle operator Starsem and at Arianespace, he integrated the French Diplomatic Service as the negotiator for space to the European Union institutions in Brussels.  From 2009, Weiss headed the Science and Technology Department at the French Embassy in Berlin.

As of 2013, Weiss was called up to establish and run a permanent representation in Bangalore for the French Space Agency.  He set up the CNES Regional Liaison Office for India, Australia and South Africa, with diplomatic rank.  Weiss was instrumental in negotiating the Indo-French Programme for Space Activities signed 2015 in Paris with Hon’ PM of India and President of France.  He set up several joint satellite and space exploration projects between India and France and finalised the CNES agreement with the Australian Space Agency and the contribution of France to the newly established National Space Mission Design Facility in Canberra.

Mat (49), married with 2 children, holds the National Defence Medal, the French Military Service Medal and a Citation for distinguished action from the Military Governor of New Caledonia.