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Mark Scott

CEO, Systra ANZ

Mark is CEO of SYSTRA Australia & New Zealand.  SYSTRA is a French owned transportation consultancy and employs 7,000 staff globally, with an annual turnover of $1bn.  SYSTRA has helped develop over half of the world’s automated metro lines and close to half of the world’s high speed rail lines.  Australia is a key country for SYSTRA and is now in SYSTRA’s top 10 largest countries.  SYSTRA has been active in Australia since 2009 and has been heavily involved in a number of the key transport infrastructure projects on the Eastern seaboard, including; Sydney Metro, North Connex, Melbourne Metro and the Suburban Rail Loop, Cross River Rail in Brisbane and Sydney’s Digital Systems (Automated Train Control) program.


Mark’s career spans 25 years, with close to 20 years in Rail and Transportation.  He has overseen SYSTRA’s business since 2016 and prior to that has held executive roles at a number of transportation consulting businesses and on a number of major projects, including as a member of the Executive Management Team that led the certification of Sydney’s North West Metro.  As an engineer, Mark has worked on some of the world’s most complex transport projects and has been lucky enough to experience project delivery in a number of countries, including; UK, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.  He enjoys working within international and multicultural teams that add value to the industry and society as a whole.