Marc Cleave

Head Of Engineering at Transdev Australasia

Marc has more than 20 years of experience in worldwide bus automotive manufacturing, body/chassis design engineering and electric vehicle development. He has been recognised in the Global Bus manufacturing industry for his ability to strategically identify key market opportunities and has a proven track record in driving forward the improvements necessary to align organisations with operational excellence.

At the age of 25, Marc became the youngest Senior Design Engineer in the history of the UK’s largest bus manufacturer, Alexander Dennis. He led the Single Deck Engineering Team and was involved in the introduction of the first ever ADL integrated Enviro Product into the UK and overseas markets. In his move to Australia, he spent 13 years at Bustech leading Australia’s only advanced bus OEM, with chassis designed, engineered and made locally. His time with Bustech as General Manager/Chief Engineer was at the forefront of bus design and development including producing the iconic urban double decker (CDi model) and Australia’s first electric bus (ZDi model).

Since joining Transdev in 2018, Marc has lead the Group’s Engineering division within the bus mode. He was instrumental in introducing Victoria’s first fully electric bus into Melbourne in 2019, operated by Transdev. In 2020, Marc was appointed the Australasian lead for zero emission technology for the Transdev Group.                         


Marc holds a Bachelor in Engineering (Manufacturing Systems Engineering) (Honours) from Glasgow Caledonian University.