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Keith Miller

Sales Director Digital Buildings, Schneider Electric



Keith Miller just loves being part of something big, collaborative and aligned to his values. He feels very aligned to Schneider’s direction and leadership, particularly  Schneider’s keen focus on sustainability as Schneider’s leaders are absolutely not afraid to call this out and encourage them to go beyond. Their net carbon zero pledges and commitments to decarbonisation resonate as much with him as he is pretty sure they do with many others


Working in Digital Buildings for the last decade, its extremely rewarding seeing how  conversations he enjoys having with customers and stakeholders help transform broad ideas into successful project. The more engagement with project participants.  Having worked in the building industry for many years now it is inspiring for Keith to see the professionalism and partnering rise, particularly as we all tackle the existential threat of climate change. Technology is the enabler with open data and open partnering critical to success. No one fixes this alone


Having worked in a number of leadership roles, Keith believes he has picked up a reasonably rounded view of things and has a sense for what “unique value” really means as well as being able to differentiate and articulate these unique solutions to broad groups of stakeholders.


Furthermore, he is particularly interested in seeing Schneider’s teams become more diverse and looks back over the years pleased to see the diversity of people and thought evolve, with a clear appreciation that the industry has a road still to travel there. Being a very proud father of two young children he would like to ensure he plays his part in making sure our industry continues this inclusive evolution