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David Dinh

Co-Founder, Osdoro



David Dinh is co-founder of osDORO, and is responsible for helping businesses in Asia Pacific find their ideal commercial real estate. Over the last 20 years David has held corporate and entrepreneur roles as Chief Technology Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Advisory and Head of Product for companies in Australia, US, Asia Pacific and Middle East.


As an entrepreneur, David has won multiple industry awards, including recently in 2019 for best AI company GITEX awards, best AI company technology Accathon Capital USA and recipient of the Wharton Innovation Fund Grant. His last startup, Woveon, was a New York VC backed AI enterprise business intelligence company that worked on customer data stitching and analytics of billions of conversations. David is also the recipient of state and national Australia technology prizes including the PWC Innovation Award and Intel Enterprise Technology awards. 


Outside of corporate and entrepreneurial life, David is an active member of the business community, helping disadvantaged entrepreneurs scale their businesses and reach profitability. He has office hours at the Macquarie University Incubator where he advises for several non-for profit organisations in NSW and is an industry mentor for Macquarie Graduate School of Management. Since 2003 David regularly participates in industry delegations to South East Asia and China, recently part of a panel and delegation speaking to industry heads, government and innovation centres across Asia. 


David has a Bachelor of Laws from University of Technology Sydney and Bachelor of Applied Finance from Macquarie University, Australia.