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Corinne Estrada

Director, Agenda



Founder and CEO of Agenda, a communications agency that specialises in working with the arts and culture sector, and organiser of the annual Communicating the Arts and Culture Business conference series.


Corinne’s mission is to collect and curate the best ideas from all over the world to push the arts and culture sector into exciting new territory and help build a robust, engaging and relevant industry for future generations. She works closely with local governments, cultural stakeholders and their communities.


Innovation, entrepreneurship, and risk-taking are at the heart of what Corinne Estrada does. Over 20 years Corinne has built a network of 20,000 cultural leaders who have contributed to the 100+ international conferences that she has designed. As speakers, workshop convenors or panel participants they share their expertise and inspire participants when they talk about leadership, art therapy, communication and fundraising strategies.


Corinne questions the status quo, has a keen sense of social justice, and a strong conviction that the arts play an essential role in our society. Her superior communication and stakeholder engagement skills, international perspective and ability to identify a new idea or interesting angle, have resulted in many successful partnerships with corporative partners, government (local and state), volunteers, staff, peak industry groups and media. Recent partners include Moleskine, ICOM, Google Arts Institute, Louis Vuitton Foundation, Air France and The Art Newspaper.


*Agenda has a global reach, with the original office located in Paris and a Southern Hemisphere HQ based in Sydney.