Andrew Davies

Manager Local Government Unit, NSW Department of Primary Industries

Andrew Davies is Manager of the Local Government Unit with the NSW Food Authority, Australia’s only through-chain food safety agency with regulatory responsibility from farm-to-fork. 

Andrew began his career with the NSW Food Authority in 2014 when he was employed as the Senior Labelling Compliance Investigations Officer. 
In 2017 Andrew moved to his current role within the Local Government Unit where he oversees the Food Regulation Partnership, a formal agreement between the Food Authority and other food enforcement agencies – mostly local councils. This work involves providing guidance and assistance to local council authorised officers to help them with their food surveillance activities and responsibilities.  

During COVID-19, Andrew has engaged with local councils to prepare a program for COVID-19 safety inspections and continues to lead delivery of communications to raise awareness of changes to requirements relevant to retail food businesses in NSW. 
Andrew came to the role with over 10 years’ experience in a variety of regulatory roles, which began in the UK as a Trading Standards Officer. This role covered consumer protection, weights and measures legislation and food safety.  

In Australia, Andrew has been an investigator at both NSW Fair Trading and the NSW Ombudsman’s office.